Food & Beverage Public Relations

Food & Beverage

From our agency launching the first cold-pressed olive oil from the Holy Land to creating comprehensive Food & Beverage Public Relations plans for craft beer festivals, Janice McCafferty PR is an expert source for turning delicious drinks and delectable food dishes into real time media opportunities. From launching new products to ensuring continued media coverage for brand favorites, TV, radio, websites, blogs, and magazines will be buzzing about your culinary experts, products, kitchen accessories, recipes, and more. In essence, we give you access to the food writers and food producers you might not otherwise be able to reach.

Our public relations agency is also skilled in restaurant and bar PR with the media showcasing your establishment ongoing. We generate new marketing ideas to publicize and help to create newsworthy contest such as creative menu and drink additions, seasonal offerings, celebrity sightings, and event and calendar listings. Your establishment is guaranteed to be publicized on a local and national level to garner the most attention.

We research your location and city’s food and drink awards to secure ‘Best of’ features. It is imperative for your immediate customer base and audience to know about your business, filling the seats in your restaurant or bar each day. Additionally, we elevate the presence of your brand nationally, staying on top of editorial calendars, trends, and requests for all pertinent food and beverage stories. We can even find your staff opportunities such as judging culinary competitions or attending top industry events.

For example, our food & beverage public relations work includes publicizing the charity chef event Sip & Savor, the Special Olympics Chicago’s annual food fueled fundraiser. For this, we secured media placements centered on the city’s top chefs who participated in this event. This list included Ryan Poli of Little Market Brasserie, Michael & Patrick Sheerin of Trencherman, Chris Pandel of Balena, and Jason Vincent of Nightwood.