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As consumers become more resistant and skeptical of conventional advertising, strategies like product placement are gaining momentum and now an integral component of a modern day public relations campaign. Janice McCafferty Public Relations has secured some of the most impressive product placement opportunities for our clients. This includes having connections to and obtaining Donald Trump’s Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageant sponsorships. Studies show consumers say they are more likely to remember the products they see during specific types of programming. For example, consumers seem to notice brand placements in their favorite sitcoms or movies and when a certain product appears in a popular reality show on MTV or Bravo, viewers will make a positive association.

As a result, Janice McCafferty Public Relations will secure TV and movie appearances for your products in addition to spots in top books found on The New York Times Best Sellers list.

We can even deliver free on screen time with opportunities that are brought to our team.

For instance, CHI Magazine was seen being held and read by Jennifer Aniston during a scene with Vince Vaughn during the film The Break Up. Not only did this reach millions of movie audiences worldwide, but this blockbuster hit is consistently replayed on various TV channels, allowing the initial benefit to keep growing and growing as new consumers are reached years past the release date. Our clients’ products have also been seen in the backgrounds and used by cast members in scenes from Glee, Sex and the City, Dancing with the Stars, Bride Wars, Two and a Half Men and more. Product placement, when done correctly and efficiently, elevates your brand image, instantly setting your product apart from the rest. This is vital for brands seeking to sign up for a public relations experience that breaks through the clutter.