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Janice McCafferty PR is an award winning PR agency. Janice McCafferty PR services clients across the nation with a local presence & the strongest media connections in the top three markets in the United States.
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As society relies more and more on web technologies, trends and services, Janice McCafferty establishes a strong presence through extensive knowledge in the social media world for our clients. Social Media Marketing is an effective way to drive repeat business and attract new customers. It builds consumer trust and creates a community, allowing users to feel connected to your brand in a more personal and humanized way. Social media, content marketing, social business, social customer service and blogging have evolved to be integral parts of how we communicate with customers and we help businesses to smarten up their social media strategy and approach. Social media is the word-of-mouth advertisement for the 21st century and the best part: this is free advertising. It’s time to get in on the action and add this to your current PR and marketing plans.

From the creation and maintenance of Twitter accounts to generating viral trends via Pinterest, our internet savvy social media strategists bring your online brand presence to the next level. We specialize in Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and other popular digital platforms.

Janice McCafferty PR will assist at all levels of your social media marketing needs. We can create new profiles from scratch or take over existing accounts. We build the pages, write and supply the copy and content, provide value, manage the responses and feedback, engage users, set up and execute contests and complete all other tasks in order to properly maintain your social media platform of choice. This ultimately leads your brand to experience the benefits of this service which include search engine optimization, traffic generation, and relationship building with key audiences and buyers.

For example, we created worldwide viral buzz from just one tweet on a Twitter profile we maintain. By providing products to the set of the Twilight movies, client IT&LY Hairfashion’s tweet about their mousse being used on Kristen Stewart snowballed into a trending sensation on Twitter. From this, websites from Brazil to Russia blogged about the tweet while established media outlets like Glamour requested interviews and samples. Thousands of new followers were gained and countless consumers were reached, all thanks to social media’s powers.