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Nuest Cosmetics Magical Jelly Highlighter Launch

Nuest all jelly solo

Janice McCafferty Communications was hired by Nuest Cosmetics to launch their Jelly Highlighter Collection. But, with so many makeup launches happening, how do you make a highlighter line stand out to top beauty writers? It’s all about the pitch and a pivotal part of this is an eye-catching press release. A purely informational release, focused on black and white product knowledge doesn’t cut it in today’s media climate. This is where the creativity and writing skills of top PR agency comes in.

When preparing for a launch, we find it critical to analyze the competition, pinpointing similar products on the market. FARSÁLI had already burst onto the scene due to their Instagram-famous Jelly Beam Highlighter. There were a few other brands selling this form of highlighter as well, however, we noticed that no one offered a wide range of shades. The offerings from competitive brands only came in 1 or 2 shades, but Nuest had 5! We knew this was our “in,” and the exact messaging we needed to make the Nuest Cosmetics Magical Jelly Highlighter launch a success.

It shimmies, it shakes & it’s launching today! Other jelly lines only have 1 shade, we have 5! Nuest Cosmetics is now offering the most shade options available in the jelly highlighter category.

This messaging was our golden ticket. In the end, media outlets like PopSugar, Allure, Bustle, Trend Hunter, Her Campus, Total Beauty, The Gloss, Her World, Blinging Beauty, It’s A Glam Thing, and more featured the line.