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PR is all about earned placements. To achieve this, it is not only the relationships successful PR agencies have, but also the great pitches a publicist sends to editors, producers and bloggers. But once, you have these links and magazine clippings secured, what is the best way to show them to a client? More and more businesses are numbers driven and PR can often be hard to quantify since it is not purely a sales tool. PR is not just about selling products or services. Public relations is building sound reputations, raising awareness and sculpting a brand culture. But, when you do need to get down to the numbers, what do you do?

Here at Janice McCafferty PR, we rely on to make this process even easier by supplying clients key stats on each placement. This is one of our top tools for a successful client experience and now they have a list of even more PR secrets you should know about right now.

1. Get your news coverage visible on Google. (3 mins)

2. Try
Use this tool to take any PDF and make it editable in powerpoint. You can even convert it back to PDF. Very cool.

3. Big coverage using the power of free text
72Point’s Jess Macdonald shares tips on how to gain more news coverage using surveys in a new way. (Read 4 mins)

4. #PRStack is back
30 academics, practitioners, students and vendors have produced the second how-to guide of 48 PR tools. Download it for free. Be better at PR. Simple.

5. Free tool: visualise multi-channel reports in Google Analytics
Is anybody else confused by multi-channel reports in Google Analytics? This free tool might just help.

6. The seeker is waiting: go
Use a free keyword insight tool.  Try it & get at least 1 good content idea for your next campaign.