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Affiliate Marketing for Beauty Brands: Meet Tipser

In this blog post titled “Affiliate Marketing for Beauty Brands: Meet Tipser”, we will provide you with the ultimate Tipser guide for beauty brands.

It’s no secret that affiliate marketing is becoming a key part of a beauty brand’s PR strategy. As more media outlets look for ways to monetize their content, affiliate product links are more important than ever. They are not optional anymore, they are now required. As a result, only brands with affiliate connections should hire PR agencies. Without this, writers will not feature your brand.

As this area continues to evolve, new networks are popping up. In fact, an option called Tipser is now making its way to the USA.

What is Tipser?

As their website shares, “Tipser is the enterprise platform for embedded commerce, enabling shoppers to make a purchase at the point of inspiration with no redirection. With Tipser, brands are tapping into new sales channels, while publishers are monetizing content in new ways. Reaching over 200 million consumers across its publisher network, Tipser offers a catalogue of 1mil+ products from 7K global brands. With offices in Stockholm, Wroclaw, Barcelona and New York, Tipser is continually expanding into more markets. Join the embedded commerce revolution.”

Why should you use it?

Tipser keeps traffic on a media outlet’s website and helps convert inspiration into transactions. As a result, media is taking notice and many outlets are only using Tipser now. For example, The Zoe Report and Bustle will only consider products available on Tipser. “Embedded commerce” that monetizes their stories is now a new stream of revenue.

Are you looking for a top PR firm to help you navigate through the importance of affiliate marketing for beauty brands? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and contact our beauty PR firm for a free consultation. We have a proven track record of helping beauty brands sign up for the best affiliate networks to boost their media reach.