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Whether you’re a PR professional or the intern responsible for social media at a small business, Twitter is an essential tool in your toolbox. Unfortunately, there is more content floating around on the web regarding how to utilize Twitter to the utmost than any of us could read in a lifetime. In fact, if you search “best twitter tip ever,” Google will bring you back over 670 million results. So we thought we would highlight the top, and many times overlooked, tip that can make or break the amount of exposure your tweets get.

Are you ready for it? Never, I repeat, never start a tweet with an at-mention (aka @)!

You see, Twitter simultaneously functions as a giant news stream and a more curated conversation at the same time depending on at-mention usage. If you simply tweet “Have a great day!,” your tweet will pop up in the stream of everyone that follows you. However, if you tweet “@EnJeiBee, have a great day!,” your tweet will only pop up in the streams of everyone that follows both you and I. For this reason alone, it behooves you not to start a tweet with an at-mention unless you’re intentionally trying to start a semi-private conversation with one user.

Obviously, there are a lot of other factors to consider when tweeting. Time of tweet, length and hashtags are all very important, but none of them can chop a massive portion of your potential audience away like starting a tweet with an at-mention can.

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