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Instagram, like every other social media platform, takes time and effort. And, just like every other social media platform, the ROI isn’t always as tangible as we would like for it to be. However, that doesn’t mean Instagram isn’t worth your time. There are a plethora of ways your business can benefit from it, you just need to decide whether or not you’re willing to give it a try.

Firstly, and most obviously, Instagram is a visual platform. You could utilize it to show off products if you run an e-commerce site or to highlight transformations if you’re a personal trainer. Furthermore, because you can shoot short video clips with it, a bakery could do “how it’s made” segments and tutorials.

Now, I’m sure you’re probably thinking something along the lines of “why would I put that on Instagram when I have a website?” To which I would respond with “if I search for ‘cake decorating’ in Google, do you come up on the first page?” The answer is probably no, and that’s OK, because it cost a lot of money to pay for SEO good enough to get you there.

The beauty of Instagram is that hashtag searches pull up results in a “stream of consciousness.” Meaning that a photo or video with #cakedecorating posted 10 seconds ago would probably be one of the first results in a search. In this way, even the smallest of brands can get in front of people just as well as the big guys.

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