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CHI Air Spin n Curl Goes Viral on Social Media

For our client Farouk Systems, we created CHI’s first viral tool on social media. To accomplish this, we sent the CHI Air Spin n Curl to our network of mico-influencers. Why a micro-influencer? As influencer marketing is thriving, countless studies show they are the future. Just like your best friend sharing details about her favorite products, a micro-influencer has the same influence. Consumer trends on social media are showing users gravitate toward their recommendations. Even though their following may be smaller, they hold extremely loyal followings and fan bases.

Our strategic placement of the tool focused on key influencers known for creating video content and hairstyling videos on Instagram. Before we knew it, this incredible hair curling tool went viral, being shared by the largest Instagram and Facebook accounts worldwide including @HudaBeauty. As a result, the tool sold out numerous times from key retailers like Kohls, Sally Beauty, Macys, Target and more. Over 100+ social media accounts have featured the Spin n Curl with hundreds of millions of views collectively. This list continues to grow daily.