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There is no better way to put it – Honesty is the best policy when it comes to working with the media.

As obvious as this might seem, one only needs to look at controversial headlines about shady dealings in the business world to understand that everyone doesn’t get it. Many times, relationships and reputations are ruined due to dishonesty around what one party perceives as “minute details.”

Let’s examine the snack food industry for example. One only needs to pick up a handful of products to see statements like “gluten-free,” “non-GMO,” and “vegan.” While these labels may not mean much to the average consumer, there are plenty of people passionately advocating for proper and accurate labeling. All a company needs to do to ruin their reputation in the media is label a product “vegan” when some ingredients don’t meet the requirements for such labeling and a line of people willing to call them out as publically as possible will form. In this example, a dishonest approach in marketing and public relations would create extremely large trust issues at the consumer level, potentially hurting the business.

Though the example is extreme, it illustrates the point that what one party believes is a small detail, may in fact be perceived as much more substantial by another party based on their interests. For this reason alone, it is prudent for every business owner to make sure they’re always honest – even when speaking about what they perceive to be the smallest details about their product or service.

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