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This is Part 2 of 3 in our “How to Choose a PR Firm” series. You can read Part 1 here.


When the fit feels right, it probably is. Think back to a time when you met a person, or group of people, and felt an instant connection. Perhaps you finished each other’s sentences, followed the same train of thought or simply felt at ease in their presence. This is the same kind of connection you should feel when you meet the team that will be representing your brand. And while this is more intangible than the other criteria I’ve outlined, it is just as important. My only word of caution here is that the person “selling” you on their firm may not always be the person working on your account day-to-day, so make sure to ask.


While there are niche firms out there that only work within a defined industry, most agencies are generalists with clients across the board. Every agency you speak with should be able to provide case studies and prior experience that would be applicable to you as a client, but you shouldn’t take that at face value. Niche firms have spent their days cultivating industry relationships that can be tapped into when needed, which is a huge asset, but the drawback is that your organization may be competing with others they represent when opportunities present themselves. Contrastingly, firms with a more varied roster of clients may not always have the deepest connections within your industry, but they may prove just as effective as a niche firm due to the fact that you’re their one and only priority in your space.

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