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People are exposed to more than 10,000 brands daily, whether they are walking down the street, shopping, working, or just browsing the internet. This makes it difficult for businesses to make their brand recognizable, and most importantly, make it worth remembering. In a thriving public relations era, one of the most reliable and effective means of communicating with an audience is through press releases.

Writing a compelling press release can turn out to be quite a hassle, especially if you are doing it without the help of a PR strategist. And even if you do manage to check all the boxes and follow all advice, chances are that you are going to produce a press release which is correct, but not interesting. As in most personal or business situations, taking productive risks, using innovative techniques and creating a unique product pays off, and gets your brand noticed. So, let’s talk a bit about how you can reinvent your press releases in order to get the attention you need.

Keep It Short

When it comes to finding the perfect words in the world of public relations and business communications, most people think that the “less is more” principle does not apply, and you only get people’s attention by flooding them with information. Unfortunately, if you write a long press release, chances are that your target audience will get bored and end up missing important parts. This is why one of the guidelines for writing the perfect press release is to keep it simple and make sure that you are mentioning important and appealing information.

Consider All Platforms of Broadcast

A press release will not only suffer from bad content, or from too much information, it can also be disregarded due to a bad or improperly used template, or a template that is not compliant with the device on which your audience will read it. Make sure that all your press releases read well on mobile devices, and that all of the graphics that are being used can be displayed by older models or in the case of bad internet connections. If you assign the writing to an experienced public relations company, the publicist will know exactly which boxes to check in order to make your content user-friendly.

Know Your Audience

There is nothing worse for a business when it comes to press releases than writing a generic one without properly addressing the right audience. Before deciding what message you want to send out into the world, make sure that you are sending it to an audience which can help your brand grow and be remembered. Personalize the message.

Press releases have been around for ages, and there are a number of templates you can use that will keep you on the safe side. But safe usually does not get you the recognition you desire for your brand. This is why you should always consider writing a unique press release, one that adheres to your company’s values, culture and philosophy, all while being fun, interesting, and sending the right message. If you have any questions about what kind of press release best suits your business, or want to know more about how a public relations company can reinvent your press release, please don’t hesitate in contacting us at