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Is Amazon the Secret to Successful Beauty PR?

For this blog post, we will address the question – is Amazon the secret to successful beauty PR? The answer is an astounding YES! It is more important than even for a product to be sold by a 3rd party retailer – not on your own website. There is a direct correlation between landing key media mentions and if your products are on popular affiliate networks. As Amazon contributes to and shapes more and more of our shopping habits online, it is not a surprise media is also taking notice. After all, who doesn’t have a Prime account these days?

There are now Amazon Editors.

Yes, this really exists! Beauty editors are not the only writers in charge of hair, makeup and skincare content at large scale media outlets. And you guessed it, Amazon is their top choice to link to. Now, writers who work at publications like InStyle, SHAPE, and People are actually calling themselves Amazon Editors. This means they are ONLY writing about products you can buy off the site, especially off Prime. Or also known as E-Commerce Editors, this is just a fancy way to say these staffers are in charge of building out stories and content that can make the media outlet they work for money through e-commerce purchases. This means they are only writing about products sold at major 3rd party retailers. Most of the time, they are requesting only Amazon products and links. This trickles down into freelance writers as well. They are only recommending brands and products that can monetize their stories too.

Beauty PR is still very much alive. Writers do not charge to be in their stories. However, it is important to see retailer trends like this and react accordingly as a brand.

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