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As a business owner, the decision to incorporate public relations work into your business’s growth strategy requires commitment. While many companies sit on the sidelines, it’s the truly engaged businesses that benefit the most from the work their PR firm does for them. This rings particularly true for businesses that offer intangible services as opposed to tangible goods.

If you’re someone looking to build your personal brand, you need to be committed to quick and thoughtful communication because your service and expertise is your product. Opportunities are fleeting and even the most skilled PR firm can only hold off media waiting for your response for so long.

If you produce a tangible product, you need to be committed to putting time into interviews and commentary to take things to the next level. Though product roundups and “Best of” lists can help keep your name in the media, a willingness to go further can dramatically change the perception of your brand for the better.

The truth of the matter is that editors and writers are looking for a great story and a great product to go along with it. Whether the product is a person’s expertise or a tangible good, the story behind it, and how it is conveyed, now plays as important of a role as the product itself. Therefore, a committed internal point-person can make all of the difference when it comes to media perception and placements.

And quite frankly, media outlets run on tight deadlines, so the more responsive you are to your publicist when specific materials are needed, the higher the chances are of your product or service being featured. It’s definitely a team effort; first find a great PR firm and then make yourself available to them. The results you will see from your commitment will amaze you.

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