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When choosing a PR company, most business owners rely on their general knowledge about the public relations world and also on their desire to get great results quickly. As is the case of any successful business, good strategies take time, and most of all, need outstanding professionals to work on them.

Unfortunately, the business environment is packed with myths about how a PR company should conduct their projects. With the rapid development of digital marketing campaigns, people have started to see public relations strategies as something they can do on their own, in just a few minutes, all while expecting of out-of-this-world results.

Today, we are going to expose a few of the most common PR myths and explain to you why they can be bad for business.

Any Publicity is Good Publicity

Building a company’s reputation takes a lot of work and time.You should always keep an eye for those particular strategies that might do more damage than good. It might sound as a good idea in the beginning, but getting people’s attention, and attracting future clients is not something you should expect from bad press. It’s true, things go viral like crazy these days, but a few million hits on a video showing a wrong side of your business will only get you the wrong kind of attention.

A Wire Service Is All You Need

Classic doesn’t always go out of style. Nonetheless, in the world of public relations, focusing solely on options like wire services while everyone else is riding the new PR wave can be a damaging move. No matter the niche of your business, your PR strategies should always keep up with the latest trends in the communications world.

Print Is The Most Important Placement

Magazine and newspaper numbers are dropping while more and more consumers are searching for information online. Times are definitely changing. With a more tech savvy world, now mentions in major print publications may not be the best placements for your brand. The internet is taking over so do not discard bloggers and other online mediums.

Only Ex-Journalists Can be Good PR Professionals

Discarding a public relations strategist or a public relations company just because they don’t come from a journalism background is one of the most common mistakes made by business owners all around the world. While it is true that in the beginning the PR profession was something you would associate with a journalist, today things could not be more different. More and more universities and educational centers are embracing this fairly new and needed profession, setting up classes for Business Communications, Public Relations Strategies or Digital Marketing.

Myths in the PR world can be as limiting as you allow them to be. There are a lot of theories out there, created by people who think they are doing something good, but lack the professional ability to fully understand the field; so think twice before falling into one of their traps. Choose wisely, based on your needs, and always have an open mind to accept suggestions from professionals.

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