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More often than not, when entrepreneurs create small business plans they include advertising and omit public relations. Perhaps this is because they are constantly surrounded by advertising and perhaps it is because of the perception that PR is only for bigger businesses. Personally, I believe it is the latter.

A solid public relations plan can very well be the cornerstone in a small business’ growth strategy. When budgets are tight, spending on public relations often yields greater exposure than equivalent spending on advertisements. Diverse placements secured through PR can help a company appear larger and more established. Plus, such placements can be tremendous in influencing partnership and funding opportunities as well as customer behavior.

Furthermore, when it comes to online exposure in particular, public relations can work wonders for search engine optimization. Inbound links to a website from a variety of sources serve to increase Google search rankings without costing a dime. And whether we would like to admit it or not, being on the first page of Google search results can make or break small businesses.

Even though the evidence presented above could be considered common knowledge, small business owners make the decision to consult a PR firm much less frequently than they should. Reputable firms don’t charge for consultations and often provide feedback that business owners can utilize free of charge. As a company, we pride ourselves in working with brands of all sizes and want every small business owner to know they can come to us if they’re looking for honest consultation.

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