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Imagine that you’re a sales rep walking into the biggest meeting of your life. You’ve done your background research on the distributor and the buyer you’re meeting. You’re confident in your product, your pricing and your numbers. You know the demand is there and you know the distributor is in the market for a new line to carry. You’re a little tense, but that’s to be expected. You’re as ready as you could possibly be…right?

Situations like this happen every day. Perfectly honest and confident salesmen represent high-caliber companies and products against rival sales reps that mirror them trait for trait. So readiness alone can’t possibly translate into sales success – the stakes are too high and the competition is too stiff.

Let us imagine that in the scenario above, the rep is going head to head with a similarly seasoned competitor that brings a comparable product line and solid sales numbers to the table. However, one rep is armed with the last few public relations reports from their firm and the other is not. Barring any obvious sales blunders, it’s safe to say that the rep equipped with media placements will win out over his competitor.

You see, placements provided through public relations efforts serve to substantiate demand for his product. Additionally, they create the perception that his product is superior to his competitors. And if anything is black and white in sales, it’s that perception is reality. Moreover, the reality is that PR will help get your products on the shelves and help justify why they should continue to stay there.

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