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Even the most powerful of brand can benefit from a well developed re-branding strategy. Especially when competitors are continuously improving their strategies in order to become the go-to option for more and more consumers. Re-branding, although a highly useful strategy, can set traps for those who don’t execute it right, and, most of the time, these traps lead to unfortunate situations for your company or brand.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the major re-branding traps and how you can avoid their consequences by executing a custom solution for your brand to offer the boost you need.

Not Knowing What Re-branding Means

Most businesses think that re-branding is all about changing the colors and shapes of their logo, stationary, banners and other distinctive elements that identify a brand in the eyes of the consumers. In fact, re-branding is much more than designing a new logo; it’s about finding the right approach for your company and getting inspiration from modern trends, your customers and your business partners. If you plan on re-branding your product or service and only change your website, or the colors of your logo, you will soon realize that these changes are not sufficient for offering you the progress you had in mind when you took the decision to re-brand.

Going Forward without a Plan

Like in most cases that involve taking important decisions for your brand, a well-crafted plan is a must if you want to be successful. Take the general notions you have about re-branding and tailor them with your company’s culture and philosophy in mind. They should also be based on the expectations you have from your strategy and be based on the feedback from your target audience. A professional public relations and branding company can help you come up with the plan and also execute it successfully. So make sure to contact a professional before going forward with a re-branding strategy.

Making It All about Advertisement

Although it is true that a powerful advertisement campaign can go a long way, don’t make the mistake of thinking that all you need for your business is a pricey ad. Develop your advertisement strategies based on an already drafted plan, not the other way around.Do this if you want to achieve long-lasting results and truly have an impact on your audience.

Re-branding without a Reason

There are tons of examples of companies which undertook campaigns without keeping their customers in mind. The result being a poorly executed re-branding, which made people think twice about still using their products or services. If you have a developed relationship with your customers and your brand is something they identify with, make sure that the changes you are about to make are not impacting this relationship, just for the sake of coming up with something new.

Following Shallow Trends

Sometimes, we see successful re-branding campaigns executed by our competitors, and decide to copy their moves without thinking about what this means for our business. While a strategy might have been successful for a certain company, chances are that it will not have the same result for you if you do not adapt it to your own identity and to the requirements coming from your business partners and from your customers. Following trends is not necessary a bad thing. It just takes a lot of attention and careful planning. So make sure that you have all the facts before re-branding based on shallow trends.

As you can see, re-branding can be a serious challenge for you and your team. Although it can bring a lot of satisfaction, it needs to be properly executed in order to provide the desired results. Do the research, think about what you want, and turn to a professional to help you make your plans a reality. If you have any questions about what a public relations company can do for you in terms of re-branding, please do not hesitate to contact us at