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Whether you’re looking for a PR firm in Los Angeles, Chicago or New York City, something you should really consider is the size of the firm. While size doesn’t necessarily dictate quality, it can have a very big impact on how large the team working on your account is, the experience level they bring to the table, and the amount of attention you receive compared to other clients.

A great analogy here can be found by looking into the harbors of any coastal city out there. In all likelihood, you’ll find quite a few yachts and speed boats amongst others. For the sake of conversation, let’s say the larger firms are yachts and the smaller firms are speed boats. They can both get you from Point A to Point B, but there will be differences in the path they will take along the way.

The larger, heavier yacht will never be able to react as quickly as the speed boat. Similarly to how a large, bureaucratic team may have a hard time reacting quickly to client needs. Furthermore, the captain of a yacht has a large boat and large crew to stay on top of, whereas the captain of a speed boat can easily see what is going on aboard his ship. Similarly to the way that the manager of a large team must dedicate time and resources to process and people instead of to the client directly.

So, as you can see, the question doesn’t actually revolve around size, but around the implications size brings to the table. An eight person team managing your account sounds great on paper, but when it takes days for decisions to be made due to bureaucratic red tape, you may end up rethinking things.

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