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Realistically, every company, product and personality out there is PRable in some way. Due to the fact that there are consumer and trade media outlets covering virtually every topic imaginable, someone is bound to be interested. However, there are a handful of questions that companies, products and personalities should be asking themselves to see how PRable they really are.

But first, let’s talk about what I mean by PRable. I don’t mean you should fabricate information to make your story sound more interesting. And I certainly don’t mean you should connect yourself with a charity or cause for self-serving purposes. What I do mean is that you need to figure out your business’ story and you need to figure out why someone else would want to hear it. If you’ve always been passionate about giving back to your local community don’t be afraid to make that part of your business’ personality. If your business model is somehow different from the industry standard or you’ve got a product line that takes a wildly new approach, make sure you highlight that.

So, at the end of the day, what it takes to be PRable is succinct and honest answers to the questions below. If you find that you’re struggling to come up with an answer, I would suggest taking to time to reach out to a PR professional for a consultation.

  • How is my business truly different than my competitors?
  • Is there something about my personality or background that makes my business unique?
  • Have I taken a novel approach to what I do that no one else utilizes?
  • Do I use my business to give back to my community or charities in any way?
  • Would my clients say that I do things differently than others they’ve worked with in the past?

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