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You have an amazing idea, more like that million dollar idea business owners dream of. But, what do you do with it? Today, startups belong to a special category. Some can be spoiled by modern business, managing to get the attention of important players in the industry and building a successful brand from scratch, often in extremely small periods of time. Nevertheless, not all startups can achieve such a status, and, even though media is bombarded by news about emerging ones, the truth is that for every successful startup, there are a thousand more who don’t make it, even if their products or services are worth it.

The most common challenge faced by startups which are struggling to build a recognizable brand is budgeting the little financial capital that they possess and managing to invest in services that don’t necessarily show immediate results. Given the impact of the online community on the business world, many young entrepreneurs think that a single article, post of press release is enough to attract worldwide attention, and that no public relation services are needed, since nowadays, most of the digital promoting platforms are free or incredibly cheap. It is this exact mistake that makes good companies fail before even starting, and that makes the difference between a successful startup and a negative business experience.

We are going to talk about what aspects you need to have in mind for building a successful brand and why you should have in mind hiring a public relations professional at the beginning of our journey.

Identifying the Target Media

It might seem easy to use online communities, platforms and social media networks for promoting your startup, but the truth is that these efforts can only amount to something when you know exactly which buttons to push, and whom to contact in order to get the desired results. If you are working with a public relations company which has experience with new businesses and startups in your field, this task will become a mere formality on your road to global recognition.

Writing the Perfect Pitch

Since all startups strive to impress investors and people who can help with getting their business funded, having a stellar pitch is of utmost importance, and can make a significant difference when you are find yourself in front of strangers, trying to compile your company’s philosophy and future plan in a five or ten minute pitch. Your pitch needs to be newsworthy, even if you are not pitching to the press. Emphasize a unique selling point, and make sure to cover all the essential aspects, without unnecessary fluff content. For a better idea of how you can write the perfect pitch, consult one of our previous articles: Pitch Perfect: 3 steps for Delivering a Stellar Pitch.

Make Friends not Contacts

You often hear about how important your contact list is, and how knowing the right people can get you on the map and on the road to success. While this is a widely-known reality, all startup owners need to understand the difference between making long-lasting business connections and adding new contacts to an impersonal list. Making friends in your industry will help your company benefit from the powers of real connections, and will give you the opportunity to learn from people who have already walked the tiresome road of building a brand.

If you already have innovative products or are introducing a brand new way of servicing your clients, all you need next for your startup is to dedicate your time and as much as you can afford from your budget, to a professional and well-designed public relations campaign. This campaign should be custom fitted to the needs of your products, services or industry, and also make use of all the new and modern PR trends. If you have any questions about what the first steps for turning your startup into a successful brand are, please don’t hesitate in contacting us at