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Embracing social media is a must for all beauty and fashion brands that need to sustain an ongoing relationship with their customers and business partners. But with a plethora of social media networks available, which one should your company focus on?

To answer this question, public relations and digital media strategists in charge of your brand need to address a series of factors such as audience profile, your niche within the industry and a few other related aspects. But there is one social media network that reaches a wide range of consumers in an astonishingly fast time frame: Instagram. With smartphone users spending an average of around 500 minutes per month on Instagram in 2015, this photo-centered platform has all you need and more.

Simple and for Everyone

There is no other social media network out there that has the power to connect so many people, from different corners of the world, in so little time. Adding content to the network is fairly easy; you just add the image that you desire, along with the appropriate hashtags and your content is ready to reach new customers and keep current ones interested. When it comes to beauty products or fashion, Instagram is far more rewarding than in the case of other industries. This is due to the perfect blend between its visual nature and your need to promote new styles, lines and looks. If telling an alluring story is imperative for your social media campaigns, then Instagram is unquestionably the place for you.

Users Engage More with Instagram’s Content

Recent social media studies have shown that engagement with Instagram is about 20% higher than with Facebook, which means that more people will see and interact with your content than on Facebook. Don’t cancel your Facebook account just yet as it still plays an important role in your brand’s digital marketing plans. But keep in mind that when it comes to visual content, Instagram is the place to be right now.

Instagram Helps Your Brand Become More Creative

If you are looking for an online space in which you can visually tell the story of your beauty or fashion company’s identity and culture, Instagram is perfect for you as it can unleash your creativity. You can use its simplicity and photo-centered properties to create unique and provoking content concerning your live events, product launches, photo sessions, and more. Learn how to make an Instagram grid or collage and your followers will love your content even more.

Instagram Attracts Influencers and Celebrities

Whether it is due to its popularity or to the fact that you can post a photo in just a second, it seems that celebrities are getting more and more engaged with this visual storytelling app. This gives your brand the chance to be noticed by industry influencers and even stars. As a tip, if you want to be more visible on Instagram searches, you need to properly use popular hashtags and be active on various channels within your brand’s industry or niche.

If you are planning on improving your beauty or fashion brand’s social media accounts or are interested in using Instagram to boost your online influence, don’t hesitate to contact us at Send us any questions you might have about public relations and digital marketing strategies and we will be happy to help you conquer the online environment.