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As one of the fastest growing platforms on the web, Pinterest is currently attracting the attention of the business environment, due to its visual potential and to the fact that it has proven to be more viral and effective than other social media networks. Pinterest is a visual-based platform; its users create boards with photos of things they love, sharing their interests and creativity with the community. This aspect has drawn the attention of digital marketing strategists and has turned Pinterest into a preferred network when it comes to promoting brands.

A special place in the Pinterest community is given to the fashion, beauty and home décor niche. According to recent user-behavior studies, most of the pins shared on this platform are related to fashion, followed by beauty and personal care. When you take into consideration that all these pins are being shared with large communities of friends, you start to see the advantages of joining Pinterest and creating a profile for your fashion or beauty brand.

We took a look at some of the most recent studies regarding Pinterest, user behavior and digital marketing. After researching, we have put together a list of benefits that come from using this social media platform as a means of promoting your brand, of staying in touch with current customers, and of attracting a wider audience for your products.

Turning Browsers into Buyers

Pinterest is more than just a social media network; it is a network of people sharing their favorite brands, products and trends that has gained its reputation in the retail world as one of the best websites for turning browsers into buyers. If you reach out to a public relations company and leave your Pinterest profile in the hands of well-trained strategists, you and your brand will gain more customers and a lot of visibility with little to no cost.

Driving Traffic to Your Website

Apart from bringing you new customers, Pinterest also brings new visitors to your website. This translates in a better positioning in search engines, more traffic referrals, and an overall improved audience for your fashion or beauty brand. Pair this up with constant deals and new content on your website, and your newly gained audience will remain faithful to your business.

Expanding Your Brand’s Audience for Free

Pinterest is a free service and one of the best when it comes to making an impact on current and prospective customers. If you take your PR strategies to the next level and decide to build a Pinterest profile and community around your brand, products and company culture, the target audience goes from local to global with just a few clicks. Engage with the Pinterest community and keep your users interested if you want to gain more visibility and make sure that your pins are shared with other users outside of your circle.

85% of Pinterest Users are Women

Women are visibly more attracted to the fashion and beauty niches, and 85% of Pinterest users are female. If you are a brand that targets women, it would be a mistake not to join a network that allows you to share your culture and products with them. Make your content appealing to both sexes, if you want to grow your brand and be appreciated by a wider audience. But keep in mind that women are more interested in pinning and sharing their interests and build your campaign with this information in mind.

Visual Content is King

The modern internet has brought a lot of useful and much needed changes. Visual content is probably one of the most appreciated, especially by people looking to know more about brands and services. And since in the fashion and beauty industry, visual content is king, Pinterest fits perfectly with the digital marketing needs of brands that belong to this niche, and with the needs of their customers. Take advantage of the user-friendly interface of Pinterest and create eye-catching pins, making your products the stars of the show, but also coming up with new boards and ideas each day. Don’t limit your Pinterest account to just your products and brands, use it to express your company’s culture, and to create timeless trends. With the right person handling your account, your fashion and beauty brand will only grow.

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