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There is a widely held belief that you have to have an incredibly unique product or service for PR to work for you. I’m here to tell you that that train of thought couldn’t be more wrong! Even the most mundane of products can get attention if the company has something to offer above and beyond the product itself. Most notably, an expert of some sort either working for or associated with the brand.

For example, many hair care companies take advantage of their creative directors by asking them to do celebrity “How-To” pieces. The beauty industry is full of products that can all blend together, but by using this method, brands can associate themselves and their experts with notable celebrities and provide added value to media outlets out there.

But let’s take it even further by using an even duller example – a hardware store. By chronicling examples of everyday problems, and their solutions, a hardware store owner could become a great resource. Furthermore, by tying the problems and solutions to the seasons, the hardware store owner could put himself in a great position to land time as an on-air expert.

So as you can see, it’s not the product or service that dictates whether or not PR will work for you. It’s all about combining the value above and beyond the product or service you provide with the creativity of the PR firm you choose.

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