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First developed as liaisons between friends and family, social media networks have rapidly grown into online platforms for worldwide communication, making it incredibly easy for everyone to know everyone. As luck would have it, social media networks are also the perfect environment for brands and businesses to connect with their customers and to grow their brand reach. But is using social media really that easy when it comes to your business? Today we are going to talk about how misleading social media managing can be and why your accounts might not be up-to-date. Are you sure your updates reach your desired audience? Let’s see what mistakes brands make when it comes to maintaining their social media accounts:

Your Accounts Lack a Strategy

The main issue that most brands face when it comes to their social media accounts is the lack of knowledge and strategy. Because social media networks are so easy to use, a lot of businesses end up posting without having a plan or without adhering to a certain digital marketing strategy. Keep in mind that your brand’s account is completely different from your personal one and consider hiring a professional that can keep your online reputation current and growing. Trends matter, audience preferences matter and most importantly statistics matter.

You’re Targeting the Wrong Audience

There is no such thing as the wrong audience when it comes to social media, right? Wrong. Studies conducted on social media platforms in relation to brand accounts have revealed that more than 90% of accounts that were not living up to their expectations were in fact targeting the wrong audience. A social media strategist will know how to style your updates so that they can reach your chosen audience and generate interest from customers. Social media might be easy and free, but its impact is determined by a wide variety of factors that are of utmost importance when it comes to business accounts. So, make sure that you have all the information needed before opening an account.

Your Accounts are Not Compliant with Social Media Guidelines

When it comes to posting on social platforms, the rules and guidelines are continuously changing and adapting to users’ preferences and so should your accounts. Visual content is the main attraction this year even outside of Pinterest; forget about long and boring posts and create an image that speaks to your audience and that conveys your brand’s message. Do you have the proper rules and regulations in place for contests? Do you know what disclaimers need to be in place for YouTube, Twitter or Instagram? This is just a sampling of why you need to stay on top of how social media is changing.

All in all, social media and digital marketing are wonderful tools for any business whether you are a renowned online shop or a brick-and-mortar store. You just need to find the right person to handle your accounts. If you are managing them yourself, remember to always use your creativity, to post updates that adhere to your brand’s culture and philosophy and to stay connected with new trends.

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