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Janice McCafferty - Top Beauty PR Firm & PR Agency

Are creative media mailers right for your beauty brand? Editors and bloggers receive hundreds to thousands of emails each week. It is the responsibility of a top beauty PR firm to reach these media outlets through creative and out of the box methods. A fun way to do this is by mailing select beauty writers your key products along with themed gifts. This is known as a media or PR mailer.

As a top beauty PR agency for over 25 years, we have vast experience with this strategy. Whether you are launching a new brand or simply trying to create more awareness for your products, an eye-catching mailing can make a big difference. Our strategy involves breaking through the clutter of email by sending writers a memorable gift via traditional mail. Now, they can test, try, and interact with your products on a personal level. PR mailers like this can be sent to digital, print and TV outlets. It is a great time to target key media and writers to get their attention.

The mailer sent can be as simple as branded cupcakes or as elaborate as large floral arrangements. However, the items sent should all be connected by a common theme. For example, if the brand is organic or green, you can source out recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and/or reusable shipping supplies. The gift inside could include a charitable donation in the editor’s name or even a healthy meal for the writer to enjoy. The most important thing is that the mailer’s gifts directly relate to the product or brand you are trying to promote.

If it is in budgets, we have found mailings like this make an impact for brand awareness and coverage opportunities. We recommend this for new launches and seasonal offerings throughout the year. However, you do not need extravagant budgets to make a lasting impression. A well thought out and creative media mailer does not need to break the bank.  The best beauty PR agencies can think of fantastic mailers to fit within any price range. Also, if you plan ahead, you can buy branded items for significantly cheaper.

Are you a makeup, hair, nail or skincare brand considering creative media mailers? Please contact us with any additional questions you may have. We would love to help you with your beauty brand.