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Being able to relax is not always something one gets the chance to do easily, which is why salons and spas are a much needed part of a wellness and beauty routine. With this constant need for relaxation and tranquility, you would think that all brands in the industry just need to exist. But, like in the case of most businesses, it requires more than existing to attract and keep customers coming in for services. Using public relations to boost your client list is sometimes an uncharted territory for brands like this. However, that does not mean that if you are a wellness brand you will not benefit from executing a well-developed PR strategy. Here are a few things you need to know about how to attract new customers with the help of public relations:

Use PR Campaigns to Attract Key Demographics like Business Professionals

As most studies have shown, most of the clients of wellness and spa brands are working professionals looking for a place to unwind between meetings or during a weekend of much needed relaxation. As a result, this makes the corporate world an important demographic for a public relations campaign to consider. Consult with your PR team and create a custom-tailored strategy for presenting at corporate events and also securing print, online and broadcast features in strategic places that are most likely to be seen by busy professionals. This is just one of the many audiences you should be targeting. A seasoned PR pro will know other demographics to go after for even better results.

Promotional Parties and New Services

It is key to have your PR team start planning events and especially creating special promotions like seasonal services. Regardless of the quality of your hair, skin and nail teams, you will still need to create your own events and promotional parties in order to be noticed by prospective clients. Make sure your ideas are original and well-planned and you will surely see an increase in your client list in no time. An innovative service like the Cashmere Blowout we created for George the salon Chicago is a fantastic example of how a catchy new service can make a huge impact on bringing in new customers.

Make Local Partners

As we have discussed, the key to successful PR strategies is knowing who your target audience is. In this case, attracting new clients should also mean that you put your energy into environments where prospective clients are found. Teaming up with local partners like hotels and restaurants is an easy way to do this. Aside from the fact that you would be making new business partners and getting your name known even more by the local community, you also get the chance to be in front of a new audience. Make sure that your partnerships are honest and based on mutual interests. More importantly, make sure that the regional partners you are choosing have a great reputation.

Last but not least, always be original and innovative and up to date with new trends. A great PR team will help you achieve this and know exactly where to lead you. If you have any questions about which PR strategies you might need to implement in order to boost your client list or simply want to know more about what our PR company can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us at