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It is a goal for countless brands – they want their products to win beauty awards from top media outlets. Whether it is in print or an online only award, this honor can be the big break you are looking for. But, how do you start the process or even know how to submit your brand for consideration? This is one of the many advantages companies have when working with a top beauty PR agency.

Are you hoping to win an Allure Best of Beauty Award or even one of’s Awards? In this blog, we will share a few ways to heighten your chances of winning.

  1. Working with a Top Beauty PR Firm

The #1 one way to increase your likelihood of winning a prestigious beauty award? It is hiring a great beauty PR firm. Top agencies will already be connected to editors and they will know exactly how to fill the entry forms out. Since we are always in touch with key editors, we will receive the awards information before anyone else. A top PR firm will have a proven track record of submitting their clients for various beauty awards.

  1. Submitting Makeup, Haircare or Skincare with Innovative Ingredients, Categories or Packaging

Besides a great publicist, it is not just the PR agency, it is the brand itself. Beauty awards showcase the best of the best and this means featuring truly innovative products. This could be using a unique ingredient, a new type of bottle or even creating a brand-new product no one has ever seen before. The more revolutionary the products, the more they will stand out against other brands.

  1. Offering Beauty Products that Work

As simple as this sounds, it’s more than just flashy product names and ingredients. The product must live up to its claims. When the editor tests it, the wow factor must be there.

  1. Presenting New Releases and Product Launches

Timeliness is another important component of winning a beauty award. Did you know that many awards restrict entries based on a product’s launch date? Many beauty awards will only look at haircare, makeup, skincare, fragrances, tools and nail care launched within the last 12 months. While not all beauty awards are like this, you will notice this is more of the norm than not.

Are you a beauty brand looking for help with beauty awards submissions? Please contact us with any additional questions you may have. We would love to help you with your beauty brand.