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We live in a rapidly developing world, especially from a technological perspective. So, the fact that digital marketing has taken over the traditional advertising practices should came as no surprise. More and more companies and public figures are turning to social media for their marketing and public relations demands. We are also already accustomed to seeing Facebook ads or even to exchanging a word or two with our favorite celebrity on the wall of their Facebook page.

Keeping up with technology seems a child’s play, but if you want to make the most of it and use it to maximize your growth and earnings, you should be aware that there are lots of tips and tricks that make the difference between an undistinguished and an magnificent social media profile. Today, we are going to let you in on a few secrets that will help you improve your Facebook page, increase your online visibility and attract new people to your community.

Aside from the usual rules, such as having a complete profile, posting regularly or always answering to comments, there are a few tricks that can really make a difference. Let’s see what those are:

User-Friendly Posts

One of the most relevant aspects to keep in mind when it comes to posting on your page is to be careful not to double-link your posts. If you are sharing a photo and need to add a link in the text, you can do so. But if you decided to share a link, it is mandatory that you delete that link from the post, otherwise you will have the same link twice. Also, have your users in mind and try to keep the texts small, interesting and engaging; don’t paste a whole blog article on your Facebook page.

Optimized Profile, Cover and Post Photos

Facebook is a social network based on visual layouts and photo sharing. No matter what category your page is in, people will first look at your photos. Post only photos that are compliant to Facebook policies, that have great quality, and that respect the necessary sizes of covers, profile photos and posts layout.

Two-Way Conversations

One of the biggest mistakes people do on Facebook is not engaging in conversations with their visitors. It is not enough that you have a satisfactory number of likes and comments. You also need to establish a communication channel with people, and make them want to come back or even share your page. The best solution is a two-way conversation starter such as a post that ends with a question for your visitors or with an invitation to share a special moment from their life. Contests and giveaways are phenomenal for getting people’s attention as well.

Performance Review

In order to see how your Facebook page is doing, you will need to review your insights systematically, check the performance of your posts and get a sense of what people liked and what they did not. This way, your future posts will blend with their wishes and your page will become more interesting for your Facebook community.

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