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The Importance of Spokespersons in Beauty PR

Today, we are going to discuss the importance of spokespersons in Beauty PR. When it comes to beauty public relations opportunities, they often come in two main categories. They are either product based or expert based. The product based requests are just as the name implies. It is when a magazine like Allure or a website like is looking for product recommendations for a story. Editors will often need assets like samples, high resolution photography and information on ingredients, usage, etc.

However, not all beauty bloggers just need pure product information. Many times, they are looking for experts from the brand to answer interview questions and provide their readers with valuable tips and advice. This is where the importance of spokespersons in Beauty PR comes in. So, who qualifies as a spokesperson?

Brand Founders

The easiest place to start is with the company itself. Your beauty brands needs a face and the person who created the line is the perfect choice! This can then be extended to other members of the company including CEO’s or other c-suite members.

Beauty Professionals

For this category, it is important for all hair, skincare, nail and makeup brands to have licensed cosmetologists on hand. This can be hairstylists, makeup artists, nail technicians, dermatologists, estheticians, etc. Writers feel more confident asking for hair, skin and makeup advice from a pro that works with clients daily.

Celebrity Beauty Experts

If this professional beauty expert happens to be a celebrity stylist, even better! Many times, major media outlets will only consider professionals that have worked with Hollywood stars before. Your brand can have this individual on staff or work with them on a per project basis.

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