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Are you looking for Top PR Ideas for Hair Care Brands? How do you use public relations to make a hair product stand out to beauty writers, editors and bloggers? It’s all about the pitch and an important part of this is a creative press release from a top beauty PR agency. Besides a purely informational release, you can do so much more than black and white product knowledge. One of the best ways to achieve this is by incorporating the product into a trending beauty topic. You can also offer step by step tutorials, showing others how to style their hair using your products. It’s even better if you can combine both! As an example of this, JMPR created a press release resembling a beauty article you would find on top sites like and The release entitled, 10 Top Valentine’s Hair Tips from BioSilk, showed editors beautiful ways to style their hair for Valentine’s Day (trending topic) while tying in and recommending key styling products and tools from the brand (tutorial).

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10 Top Valentine’s Hair Tips from BioSilk 

  1. Big beautiful hair is a must with soft natural waves. Instead of traditional teasing, try using a texturizing powder at the root area. This will give lift without the damaging effects of backcombing.
  2. If you opt for an updo, allow tendrils to fall naturally around the face and secure with a few  bobby pins to easily undo.
  3. Wash and condition your hair with a mildly scented shampoo and conditioner. This will let your perfume come through even more.
  4. Deep condition if your hair is dry. This will create a healthy, shiny foundation, helping to fix frizz in one application.
  5. Add a small drop of your favorite perfume into your favorite hair oil and apply throughout your hair.
  6. To keep hair smelling fresh all day and into the night, use a great dry shampoo that leaves no residue or powder to dull your hair. Prior to leaving for your night out, spray additional dry shampoo throughout to serve as a texturizer and volumizer.
  7. To maintain your style during the day, braid hair loosely and secure. Or create a messy bun spritzed with a natural hold hair spray. Remove when ready to leave, shake to loosen and lightly mist with a natural formula hair spray.
  8. For hold and long-lasting curls, use a thermal protectant prior to using a curling iron.
  9. Skip using a stiff or firm hold hairspray. Soft and touchable locks are a must.
  10. For added glam, apply crystal studded bobby pins or clips. To keep the accessory in place, mist it lightly with dry shampoo. This will keep the pieces from slipping out of your hair.

Soft Silk “S” Waves Hair Tutorial: