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Client Testimonial: VOLOOM

“Janice and Jessica are true masters of beauty PR. They understand the business from the inside out. Not only do they have all the right contacts, but they understand what beauty writers are looking for and how to pitch a story. They are excellent writers and editors, and set a very high standard for their work. Most PR firms don’t know what to do unless there’s a new product to announce. Janice and Jessica, on the other hand, are constantly creating stories based on what’s going on in the beauty industry and then mapping our products to those trends. As a result, several of their stories have gone viral and resulted in major sales spikes —something that is unusual for a PR program. They also have deep connections in the world of celebrity stylists and introduced us to a major stylist who has become our brand ambassador. Under their guidance, one of our products won a coveted “Allure Best in Beauty” Award, which elevates the whole brand. They’ve achieved all of this while being mindful of our budget and time. And to cap it all off, they are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. They have become an indispensable part of our marketing team.”

Patty Lund, CEO and Creator of VOLOOM


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