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How To Book Desksides with Beauty Editors

In this blog post, we will discuss How To Book Desksides with Beauty Editors. What is a deskside and why should you do them?

A deskside is a sit down meeting with a writer or editor. This is a common way to connect with key media, especially beauty focused publications. However, you only have 15-30 minutes to impress the writer and share the most important aspects of your brand. Here are some great tips to make sure your deskside experience is the best it can be.

Bring Value

Beauty writers from large media outlets like Cosmopolitan Magazine or receive meeting requests every day. It is important to stand out and offer some type of value. What does this mean? Value can be in the form of bringing in a brand new product launch no one has seen before. It can also mean bringing in the brand’s CEO as a new way for the writer to “connect” with your company.

Offer A Unique Experience

A deskside does not have to be boring! In the beauty industry, there are so many ways to make your time with a big beauty editor stand out. Bring a makeup artist or hairstylist to the deskside and offer writers a mini beauty service at their desk. This is a great way to show them how your products work while educating them about your company in a fun way. Who doesn’t love getting pampered? If you can secure a celebrity stylist for your meetings, even better!

Now, that we know what a great deskside should look like, how do you book them for your brand? This is where a top beauty PR agency comes in. Your PR firm will create these connections for you and secure the meetings. If you need assistance picking the best beauty PR agency for your products, we also share advice in this blog post for how to find the right beauty PR firm for your line.

Are you a beauty brand looking for a beauty PR firm? Please contact us for a free consultation. We would love to help you with your hair, makeup or skincare line!

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