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New Haircare Client: VOLOOM

Janice McCafferty PR is excited to announce our new haircare client VOLOOM – the inventor of the 1st hair volumizing iron! Not a curling iron and not a flat iron, this trusted tool is the answer to luscious long-lasting volume that lasts 3 days or more without the damage of teasing. The brand is currently sold on Amazon with over 4k+ reviews and 4.5 stars. They are also sold on where the irons have over 8.5k+ 5-star reviews. VOLOOM should be part of every woman’s hair tool arsenal. Now, no one needs to have flat hair!

CEO Patricia Lund created VOLOOM after her own battle with limp, lifeless hair. She realized that in order to create volume, she had to develop a type of hidden volumizing structure in the under-layers of the hair so that the volume created looked natural. As a result, VOLOOM’s patented checkerboard designed ceramic plates became the secret to the iron’s success and the reason behind her “aha moment” as an entrepreneur.

Used in the under-layers of hair, these special plates create hidden “volume pockets” that lift the top layers up and away from the scalp. These beveled platforms do the heavy lifting while creating the appearance of much greater volume—double or even triple the amount that lasts until your next shampoo. In fact, you will also find the need to shampoo, color, and heat-style your hair less often with VOLOOM, causing less damage to your hair. After seeing the success of the Classic (1.5″), Patricia designed two variations: the Petite (1″) for women with medium length and medium fine hair and the Rootie (3/4″) for women with shorter and finer hair.

To help support the volumizing irons, our new haircare client VOLOOM also offers accessories to help support healthy, thicker and voluptuous hair. A new wet line collection will also be launched soon.

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