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The Ultimate Skimlinks Guide for Beauty Brands

In this blog post, we will provide you with the ultimate Skimlinks guide for beauty brands.

It’s no secret that affiliate marketing is becoming a key part of a brand’s PR strategy. As more media outlets look for ways to monetize their content, affiliate product links are more important than ever. They are not just expected, they are required. As a result, only beauty brands with affiliate links should hire PR agencies. Without this, writers will not feature your brand.

To start, we recommend connecting your e-commerce site to a major media approved affiliate network like ShareASale. Once this is set up, it is important to add on an affiliate tool like Skimlinks. And, this is why you are here!

Skimlinks basically helps writers earn commissions off the sales they inspire via the links in their stories. They simply have to add links directly to the products, brands and services they write about. Then, Skimlinks technology effortlessly turns them into affiliate links for that outlet. No other actions needed!

Due to the passive nature of the platform, major media outlets are now asking beauty publicists to only submit brands for their stories that are Skimlinks friendly. The great part is, once your website is on an affiliate network like ShareASale, it just takes a few clicks to add Skimlinks (it will show up as Skimbit Ltd.) to your network. By approving Skimlinks, over 60,000 publishers are incentivized to write about your brand and help generate sales for you in return for a commission.

It is important to note a brand (or merchant in affiliate language) will never have a Skimlinks login. Skimlinks can only be connected to your online store if you add them to your Affiliate List. This Affiiliate List can only be accessed through a network like ShareASale. And, this is done through your main Dashboard. Here, you will use the Recruiting Tool to search for and invite Skimbit Ltd. to your network. If this is done correctly, they will appear in your Affiliate List as “Approved” within 2-3 business days. In ShareASale, a fully integrated Skimlinks add on will look like the below:

Approved Skimlinks Example

Approved Skimlinks Example


Basically, ShareASale is needed to track clicks, pay media out and gain access to other types of affiliate analytics. Skimlinks is just the tool that helps writers turn any product link into an affiliate link. No extra work or steps needed.

Are you a beauty brand looking for help with affiliate marketing? Please contact us with any additional questions you may have. We would love to help you with your brand. We offer free consultations so you can find the best beauty PR for your company.


  • March 19, 2024
    Harshita Kudaravalli

    We are Revenale, london a start-up hair-care brand focusing on hair growth and strengthening products as part of our first launch. We are reaching out to you to understand the services you could offer us to support launch and marketing of our product.
    We are a group of scientists developing plant-based products with scientific significance to replace chemical treatments of hair with complete topical hair nourishment. We are exploring plant ingredients that have not been commercially focused and also different combinations that enhance hair growth/strengthening and scalp health.

    We would love to benefit from your free consultation on the affiliate marketing and having beauty publicists write about our brand and other strategies.


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