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The Best Beauty PR Advice

In this blog post, we will share the best beauty PR advice for brands to follow. In a very competitive media landscape, it is more important than ever to have a top PR agency represent your company. As we like to say, “It is not about the best products when it comes to placements. It tends to be the products with the best PR firms that succeed.”

Why is this?

For starters, major beauty writers from outlets like tend to rely on trusted PR partners for their stories. PR agencies have relationships with editors and proven track records for providing great content. As a result, it is hard for brands to do their own PR in house. This is why your pitches and emails may go unnoticed. A top beauty PR firm will receive requests from writers daily. This is an advantage of a PR agency working with your line. You will always be pitched for every opportunity. This can even happen a few times a day! This heightens your chances of being featured – instead of trying to do media outreach on your own.

Our blog has several other articles to read with more important PR advice. We linked to the top 4 posts below. Are you a beauty brand looking for a beauty PR firm? Please contact us for a free consultation. We would love to help you with your hair, makeup or skincare line!


How to Find the Best Beauty PR Firm – We will walk you through the selection process and share important features to look for. The goal? You will feel confident picking the right firm for your brand.


How to Successfully Launch a Beauty Brand – The industry landscape is extremely competitive. Established brands dominate and up-and-comers fight to make a name for themselves. This is precisely why working with the right beauty PR agency is critical to early success.


The Importance of Retailers in Beauty PR – As media becomes more digital, where a beauty brand is sold is also becoming more significant.


The Importance of Spokespersons in Beauty PR – Many times, writers are looking for experts from the brand to answer interview questions and provide their readers with valuable tips and advice. This is where the importance of spokespersons in Beauty PR comes in.

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