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Vitabrid C12 Launches at

Vitabrid C12 continues its retail expansion, announcing as the brand’s latest e-commerce partner. To start, Vitabrid C12 will sell three of their best sellers on the site: FACE Brightening 1.2g ($28), Dual Drop Serum ($62) and Daily-C Balancing Cleansing Balm ($48).

Vitabrid C¹²’s science-based beauty products are known for the patented ingredient Vitabrid CG, a scientifically advanced form of 12 hour vitamin C™. Vitabrid CG is developed by submerging pure Vitamin C in between bio-friendly mineral layers. This patented technology provides a more effective way of delivering active Vitamin C deep into the skin continuously for 12 hours. This is made possible because of LDH – a nanotechnology that stabilizes and protects pure Vitamin C from becoming oxidized to fully deliver its benefits. Layers of LDH (Layered Double Hydroxide) made with bio-convergence technology surround and protect pure Vitamin C, which normally oxidizes easily. This allows the Vitamin C to fully exert its potential and benefits. As a result, Vitamin C continues to go deep into your skin for 12 hours helping the skin to fight free radicals off and triggering collagen reproduction, so everyone may experience anti-aging and protection from skin damage. This advanced biotechnology that gave birth to Vitabrid CG was selected as one of the eight most promising technologies in the world (2001 MRS Highlight Innovations).

“Soko Glam is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the U.S. to specialize in K-Beauty products and they have been one of the leaders to offer personalized beauty recommendations/ tips and provide insightful information people need to have a better understanding of their skin. They have a very strong community of skin care/ scalp care enthusiasts and we are happy to be part of the community to introduce our science-backed skin care/ scalp care products” says Joobin Jung, Global Marketing General Manager for Vitabrid C12.

To shop the full line of Vitabrid C12 products, customers can browse their official brand page via


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