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Vitabrid C12’s Sold Out Skincare Is Finally Back In Stock at

Vitabrid C12’s skincare was a massive hit during the 2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. During this huge shopping event, many of their top selling products sold out including fan favorites like their Dual Drop Serum. Now, it’s back online. But, be quick! This award-winning skincare is sure to sell out again soon.


Vitabrid C12 Dual Drop Serum – $62

This daily solution is the key to unlocking glowy, dewy skin. This is a highly concentrated antioxidant serum that provides lasting hydration and helps to reduce the sunspots, fine lines and wrinkles for a firmer-looking complexion. It is formulated with a proprietary blend of Peptibrid and Vitabrid CG (a stable, active form of 12-hour Vitamin C) that helps deliver a synergistic effect, combining face-brightening and skin-firming benefits with lasting hydration. It is infused with a potent line smoothing Peptide Complex and six layers of moisture-binding Hyaluronic Acid Complex which helps lock in moisture, supporting a youthful-looking and glowing complexion. As a result, it helps to reduce signs of aging from the inside out through increased collagen production, brightening the skin and providing deep hydration to improve dryness and overall skin complexion.


Vitabrid C12 Dual Mask Age-Defying & Firming – $35 for a box of 5 masks

Sheet masks can sometimes fall off or shift. But what if there was an option that didn’t slide right off? Meet the brand’s no slip sheet masks that are drenched with 30mL of concentrated essence to instantly help plump the skin with moisture. These soft, non-stimulating microfiber sheets perfectly and comfortably adhere to the skin – all while promoting even absorption of their active ingredients. The Age Defying & Firming formula helps promote the feel of increased collagen, replaces skin’s moisture, and improves the overall look of your complexion. This soothing and revitalizing mask works in minutes, leaving skin dewy and radiant, and fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable. The masks feature unique Peptibrid and Vitabrid technologies to improve the stability and penetration of wrinkle-fighting peptides. Meanwhile, Vitabrid CG delivers advanced biomaterials that overcome the  limitations of traditional Vitamin C, which is easily oxidized, water-soluble and difficult to transfer into the skin. This proprietary new form of Vitamin C is delivered deeper into the skin in an activated state, allowing it to act for more than 12 hours simultaneously.


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